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We Will Keep Walking Toward This Never-Ending Goal.

Since our foundation in 1917, our business domain has changed in accordance with the times.
The company which first started as a motor manufacturer now focuses on enhancing
the competitiveness of our customers’ products, providing various factory automation line as our core business.

Amid the great change, our mission has been the same; utilizing Kodensha's technology to support our customer’s productive activity.
And each of our company staff motivates ourselves to create an environment where they can consistently grow through our business activity.

As humans, I believe that our true self-esteem and joy of living arise from pursuing
contribution to our customers, to our suppliers, to our fellow staffs, and to our family members.

Although each staff's contribution might be small, we think it more important to keep deepening our trust
as a skilled and broad-minded professional with fellow workers.
This could be attained through mutual trust between staffs and I hope to keep creating an environment where this tight connection be built and enhanced.

As a tree puts on an annual ring each year, our pace might be slow but steady.
We will keep walking toward this never-ending goal as we will sincerely accept feedbacks and advice from all of you.


Located in KitamotoCity, Saitama Prefecture
ISO14001 2004 standard certified
Founded in 1917. (93 years since foundation)


  • 1917 Founded in Oimachi, Tokyo by the first president, Ichiro Suzuki. Started production of motors.
  • 1945 Factory moved to Kasahara, Kounosu City, Saitama due to war evacuation.
  • 1947 Factory moved to inside Kounosu City. Started production of electronic agricultural machinery for the electrification of farming villages.
  • 1951 Started production of industrial vibration motors, specialized motors,and control panels.
  • 1956 Awarded as an excellent company by the Governor of Saitama Prefecture.
  • 1959 Reorganized as a stock company with 2 million yen in capital.
  • 1962 Specified as a Saitama Prefecture benchmark factory (first). Increased capital to 4 million yen.
  • 1965 Increased capital to 8 million yen.
  • 1966 Awarded as an excellent company by the Director of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
  • 1970 Started first phase construction of a new factory (control panel factory) in Kitamoto City.Increased capital to 16 million yen.
  • 1972 Kimio Suzuki became president with the death of Ichiro Suzuki.
  • 1975 Increased capital to 24 million yen.Started second phase construction of a new factory(labor saving machinery/motor factory) in Kitamoto City.
  • 1978 Sheet metal factory and coating factory were newly constructed within the Kitamoto factory.
  • Designated as a streamlined factory model by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
  • 1986 Awarded as an excellent corporate body by the Omiya Tax Office.
  • 1989 Celebrated 30th annivesary. Changed the company logo.
  • 1990 Redesignated as a streamlined factory model by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
  • 1991 Awarded as an excellent corporate body by the Ageo Tax Office.
  • 1992 Increased capital to 36 million yen. Expanded the sheet metal factory.
  • 1994 Moved headquarters from Kounosu City to Kitamoto City.
  • 1996 Awarded as an excellent corporate body by the Ageo Tax Office
  • 1997 Celebrated 80th anniversary. Hiroo Suzuki became president with the death of Kimio Suzuki.
  • 2002 Designated as a Saitama Prefecture Sai no Kuni factory.


Facilities(Metal Cutting Department)

Vertical machining center NV-5000   Mori Seiki
Vertical machining center VM-5II 1000min-1  OKK Corporation

Machining center  PCV40-II   OKK Corporation

Conventional milling machine Raku-Raku Miller 2v x 2 units  OKK Corporation

CNC turning center  OT-10NATC-U  Yamazaki Mazak

NC rotary table   TTM250HA0 Kitagawa Iron Works
Conventional milling machine  2UMC Niigata Iron Works
Regular lathe    LPT-35C Wasino Machinery
Regular lathe     MS-850 Mori Seiki
Surface grinder    PSG-63-DX Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Cylindrical grinder     GS-BMHF Toyoda Machine Works
Molding grinder     GUP32X50 Kurota
Bench lathe    KL-25 Kitamura Seiki
Various granite surface plates  GP-011-00 Nabeya
Slotter      NS-300 Chubo Tekko
Circular table   NST-300  Nikken Kogyo

CNC 3D measurement machine BRIGHT707 Mitutoyo Corporation

Measuring microscope MF-A1730 Mitutoyo Corporation

Facilities(Sheet-Metal Working)

Press brake RG-35S Amada
Press brake AVT-50 Amada
Mechanical shearing machine n-2545 Amada
Set press SPH-30C Amada
CNC turret punch press VEGA30.40.40Q  Amada

CNC turret punch press EM-2510NT Amada

Press brake FBD-1025LD Amada

Various welding machines         Panasonic and Osaka Denki

Facility(Paint Department)

Heat drying furnace washing booth