technology of kodensha_hp_eng


Solution Built On Teamwork and Technology

KODENSHA has all engineers, processes, and facilities to design and build custom automated machines and systems.
Members from each section,such as mechanical design, motion control design, measurement control design, machine assembly, system control panel working, wiring, metal cutting, sheet-metal working, and paint are dedicated to their jobs to create innovation system, to design custom machine, to deliver on time, and to bulid the best machine.

Discussions on machine concepts and specifications with you at length enables us to design a satisfying automated machines and systems.

Discussions on your technology at length enables us to design custom automated machine with your technology built-in.

Discussions on machine concepts and specifications with mechanical designer, motion control designer and measurement control designer at length enables us to design optimum automated machine and system.

Sharing our progress situation among machine assembly, system control panel, and wiring working sections,
allows us to work cooperatively to deliver on time, and to bulid machines with the best quality.

Our skilled craftmen are capable of custom in-house precision machining, welding, and system assembly.
Intimate teamwork with our engineeering staffs enable us to respond with speed, efficiency, and flexibility according to our customer's frequent specification change, which eventually leads to time-saving and cost effectiveness for your business.
We are proud to have control over every step of building the best machine possible for you.

Mechanical Design

Head-count: 11
Our mechanical design engineers of proven worth design optimized machines and systems of robots, pneumatic rams and devices, depending on diverse products and concepts.
Accumulated knowlege attained through our proven track record of installation designs cost efficient system for your business.

Machinery Design CAD ME-10(CoCreate)

Motion Control Design

Head-count : 7
Our motion control engineers design control circuit of robots, pneumatic rams, devices, and customized control boxes.
Motion control software of divrese actuators,such as motors, robots, and pneumatic rams are also designed.
Optimal and effective automated control systems are realized through detailed discussions among mechanical and measurement control designers.

Electric Design CAD E-CAD(Wacom)
PLC Development Environment CX-ONE(OMRON)
PLC Development Environment GX-Developer(Mitsubishi Electric) 
PLC Development Environment KV-STUDIO(KEYENCE)

Measurement Control Design

Head-count : 4
Our measurement control engineers design measurement testing systems using diverse sensors:
vision, laser displacement, eddy-current displacement, weight, current, voltage, temperature, pressure, flow, and others.
Depending on your purpose, electronic circuit and mesurement system software are also designed .

Electric Design CAD OR-CAD(Cybernet)
HDL Development Environment Quartus2(ALTERA)
HDL Development Environment ISE(XILINX)
WINDOWS Development Environment Visual Studio.NET(Microsoft)
Measurement System Development Environment LABVIEW(NATIONALINSTRUMENTS)

Machine Assembly

Head-count: 11
Our machine assembly engineers cover from building and setting up machines to post-installation support.

System Control Panel

Head-count : 6
Over 90 years of superior automation experience enables us to manufacture high-quality system control panel and electronic substrate of varied sizes.


Head-count : 6
Over 90 years of superior automation experience enables us to provide high-quality wiring skill depending on diverse systems.

Metal Cutting

Head-count : 13
Skilled in every aspect of automation, machine tool building, and assembly,
our craftsmen are capable of custom in-house precision machining, in a flexible and adoptable manner.

Sheet-Metal Working

Head-count : 8
We provide custom in-house sheet-metal processing, welding, and system assembly.


Our in-house craftsmen can supply paint in varied colors and baked finish,which adds speed and cost-efficiency to your business.