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As Your Partner In Factory Automation,
We provide diverse automated machines, our highly value-added technology from Japan.


Our business
Our business is designing and buildng a variety of automated machines and systems .
We see issues on production lines from the operator's perspective. This attitude stimulates our challenging spirit & creativity to propose possible solutions. As a result, highly-satisfying equipment are designed and made, establishing customers’trust.
To enhance reliability & productivity on the production line, provided are from concept to post-installation support for customized automation system in a form of a cell productive equipment to an automated assembly line.

Our Strength
1) Suriawase/Creating Concept
Suriawase is a method of seeking optimal ways to:
* match our technology with your idea and desire.
* match our technology with yours.
* fine-tune with mechanical design, motion control design, and measurement control design.
We aim to create the best concept with suriawase.

2) Proposal/Development
Our engineers, utilizing 60 years of proven track record in the assembly industry, are dedicated to making proposals and promoting development in all aspects of your business in factory automation.
Moreover, we commit ourselves to go beyond our limitation to meet your needs and expectation.

3)The Thinking Machine
The Thinking Machine concept transforms a simple and repetitive movement into a flexible and intelligent movement utilizing the most effective software technologies.
As software provides functions of self-assessment and self-adjustment, designing and manufacturing automated productive equipment would enhance your benefit, such as decreasing the rate of defect products, improving productive operation, and reducing operators.

①An innovative assembly processing testing equipment with functions of self-assessment & self-adjustment is installed.
The blend of motion control technology, measurement technology, and various control technology supports these functions.
=>We provide equipment which has met our strict criteria for pursuing an optimal level of reliance, safety and productivity.

②An innovative assembly conveyor equipment composed of multiple axis robot is installed.
The use of software enables the robot to make assessment by themselves.
=>We provide equipment which has met our strict criteria for pursuing an optimal level of flexibility, productivity, and the reduction of production area.

③Small-sized company allows intimate relationship between company staffs and the management members through 5S, five phases of a workplace organization methodology, Mieruka, identifying problems and bringing them to the foreground, and holding frequent off-site meeting .
=>We provide the best equipment on time with an optimal level of teamwork.